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The Adventures of Jaune - Part 4: Blake, Weiss and Yang.

Jaune steadied his nerves as he raised his hand. With a gulp he knocked on team RWBY's door. The whole team was in there except Ruby who was spending time with her father in the city. It had been two weeks since Weiss caught him fucking Blake on her bed and it had been torture. The worst thing about it was that he couldn't talk about it to his team because he knew Pyrrha would get upset.
So he had no choice, this might be his only chance to make amends.
The door opened to reveal Weiss standing on the other side. Before Jaune could say anything though she slammed it in his face. He could hear the girls discussing him in whispers before the door reopened. With a sigh Weiss ordered him to get inside.
Jaune gulped when he saw the other two girls and gave them a weak wave. All three girls were still in their uniforms, the tartan skirts allowing them to show off their stunning legs. Weiss and Blake both wore simple black socks, but Jaune's eyes were drawn to the tights that Yang preferred. Looking around the rest of the room he noticed the addition of a chair from the lunch hall.
"Sit!" Weiss barked, gesturing to the chair. Jaune obediently sat down and looked up at the girls. From his slouched angle he could just see under their skirts, getting him a glimpse of their underwear.
Weiss was wearing her preferred white cotton panties. Yang was once again wearing a pink pair, though these appeared to be lacy, rather than the plain pink ones from before. Since Blake was standing at the back Jaune couldn't get a clear view, but they appeared to be black.
"Eyes up here Jaune." Weiss grabbed him by the chin and pulled his head up to look at her, "I've given it some thought and I have come to the conclusion that since I forgave Blake I should forgive you too. However, just as Blake had to earn my forgiveness, you will too."
Weiss smirked at Jaune's confused expression. The other two retrieved some items from the dresser, but Weiss made sure to block his view.
"Strip. Come on, we're not going to have much fun if you're still dressed."
Jaune eagerly removed his clothes, but his mood dropped when he saw what Blake and Yang were holding. Blake was holding two pairs of handcuffs, while Yang was happily gripping some silk rope. As Weiss pushed the naked Jaune back onto the chair Yang tied the rope around him, making sure that he couldn't move a muscle. Blake cuffed his hands together, then did the same to his feet. The only body part that wasn't tied down was his penis, which was happily standing to attention.
"Uh, Weiss? What exactly do you plan on doing to me?"
"No talking! You've been bad Jaune and we're going to punish you." Weiss narrowed her eyes at him before daintily removing her shoes. Raising her right leg she pressed the sole of her foot against his cheek. Her skirt slid up her leg and Jaune got a clear view of her panties. There was a small wet patch forming in the centre of the white fabric. Weiss reached down and began stroking the inside of her thighs, massaging Jaune's cheek at the same time. She was incredibly skilled with her feet, her touch as soft as a feather. Her hands slowly moved inward, feeling the edges of her panties. She moved her foot away and straddled him, holding her crotch mere millimetres from his face. Jaune could smell her love juices as she began rubbing her slit through the cotton. 
Her juices were starting to flow now, the white cotton becoming see-through. Weiss moved one hand inside of her underwear, her middle finger entering her pussy. With her left hand she steadied herself, grabbing Jaune by the top of the head. He could smell her scent, but she remained just beyond the reach of his tongue. Weiss sped up her motion, the wet sounds seeming to fill Jaune's ears. With a shudder Weiss fell forward, Jaune getting a face full of her crotch. She orgasmed in this position, juices seeping through her panties and into Jaune's mouth.
She climbed off of him and leaned down, giving him a kiss full of tongue. When she pulled away she sucked on her wet finger. "This is your punishment Jaune. We're going to use you to pleasure ourselves and you're not going to be able to touch us. You're not even going to be allowed to cum."
Jaune was confused for a moment but Yang produced something that look like an elastic band. Bending down she wrapped it around his balls. It was tight, but not so tight that it cut off blood flow. Reaching out her hand Yang started to caress his penis, her face rubbing against the undershaft. Her tongue licked his balls before travelling up his shaft. When she reached the head she swirled her tongue around it.
Yang wrapped her lips around his head and started sucking, her big eyes staring up at Jaune. Her right hand worked the shaft whilst her left caressed his balls, which twitched as they tried to cum.
While Yang continued to suck on his cock Weiss decided to get involved again. She sat down on his lap, facing away from him so that her crotch was gently resting on his cock. Jaune could feel the wet cotton of her panties on him, her clit pressing down against him. Weiss started to grind against him, getting him slick with her juices, which Yang hungrily started to lick off.
Blake walked over to Weiss and started unbuttoning her jacket and blouse. Pulling them open she revealed Weiss's bra, which was white cotton to match her panties. Blake massaged Weiss's small breasts through her bra, teasing her nipples with her thumbs. Leaning forward Blake kissed her neck, which caused Weiss to begin moaning with pleasure.
Yang took Jaune inside of her mouth once again, deep-throating until her upper lip pressed against Weiss's clit. Weiss's movements along his cock sped up as she approached orgasm. Just as she came Blake kissed her, preventing her from crying out. 
Weiss slumped on top of Jaune, panting slightly. Pulling herself off of him she sat down on her bed and smirked.
Yang stood up and removed both her blazer and blouse, throwing them aside. She was wearing a pink lacy bra to match her panties. She leaned forward, pushing her ample breasts against Jaune's face. Massaging his face with her breasts she straddled him, her wet crotch on his cock. Yang rubbed her pussy along his length all the way to the tip, then back down to the base again. As she repeated the motion a few times Blake kneeled down and started to caress Jaune's undershaft.
Jaune's balls twitched again as they attempted to cum. He was feeling a mix of both frustration and pleasure which made him hornier than ever.
As Yang reached the end of his cock once more Blake grabbed her thighs, stopping her from moving away again. Blake leaned in and began licking Yang's pussy juices, both from Yang's soaked panties and from the tip of Jaune's cock. She pulled Yang's underwear aside, allowing Jaune to feel her warm pussy lips against his skin. Yang started to gyrate her hips so that the very tip of his penis entered slightly.
Jaune's balls felt like they were exploding with the effort to cum, which wasn't helped when Blake started to massage them again, her tongue sliding along his length. Yang's juices were dripping onto her face, but Blake didn't bother cleaning them off.
All of a sudden Yang screamed in pleasure and grabbed Jaune, pulling him into a bear hug. Her juices flowed over his cock as she orgasmed, drenching Blake's face.
Yang pulled herself off of him and sat on the bed next to Weiss, who had stripped to the waist. She was sitting with her legs open, gently stroking herself through her panties.
Blake stood in front of Jaune, a smile playing across her features. Yang's juices were dripping down her face and onto her blouse, which was soaked.
Dancing on the spot she began stripping, first removing her blazer, then her blouse. Removing her skirt she revealed her lingerie, which was black with lace frills around the edges. But the cloth itself was see-through, allowing Jaune to see her nipples and pussy straight through it. 
As she straddled Jaune she placed her left nipple inside of his mouth and he happily began teasing it with his tongue. He could feel the tiny bumps on her aereloa through the fabric. Swirling his tongue he felt her nipple stiffen. Blake slid down his body until her crotch was resting on top of his, Jaune feeling her pussy lips wrapping around his penis, separated only by the thin fabric.
All of a sudden however, Jaune felt someone fondling his balls. They were wrapping something around the base of his penis, just behind his ballsack. Something small but heavy was attached to the end of it and Jaune realised what it was when it started vibrating.
The sensation of Blake's bullet vibrator against his was like a constant orgasm that wouldn't end. Through the pleasure he could just make out the sounds of Blake orgasming on top of him.
As she clambered off of him Jaune opened his eyes with a great deal of effort. Weiss was kneeling in front of him with a wide grin plastered on her face. As she gazed up at him Jaune felt a surge of energy overtake him. There was no way he was letting her get away with this. His Aura peaked at that moment, causing the elastic band around his balls to snap off. Weiss' eyes opened wide just as he started shooting his load at her, catching her directly in the middle of her forehead.
His thick loads kept splattering onto her face, completely obscuring her features. Thick globs dripped from her chin onto her breasts. Wiping her eyes clean she glared at him, but he had already broken free of his restraints.
"You know, I'm getting a little tired of being bossed around all of the time. I think Yang and Blake have had enough of your attitude too. So it's about time we got some payback, don't you think?"
Grabbing her by the wrists, Jaune and her team-mates dragged her onto the bed where they lay her face down with her tiny ass hanging off the edge. Yang pulled a rather large pink dildo out of the drawer and sat on top of Weiss, pulling her panties aside. Rubbing the dildo with copious amounts of lube she began forcing it into Weiss' arsehole.
Around the front Blake grabbed Weiss roughly by the head and crammed it into her pussy. Jaune's sperm soaked through Blake's underwear. Blake derived great pleasure from the movements of Weiss' tongue as she moaned from the dildo that was now halfway into her ass.
Setting the vibrator to maximum Jaune inserted it into her cunt. Pushing it in as far as his fingers could reach he began rubbing her G-spot. Weiss came then, her fluids flowing over his hand. None of them let up on her though. After he orgasm had faded Yang pushed the dildo the rest of the way in, Weiss' ass having been loosened up considerably. As Yang began spinning it round Jaune removed his fingers and lined himself up.
Thrusting himself inside he could feel the vibrator against his tip, still buzzing away. He wasn't going easy on her, thrusting at full speed from the onset. Yang had stopped moving the dildo, instead letting Jaune's movements provide all the motion. Instead Yang had moved her hands down to her crotch where she was rubbing herself furiously.
Weiss shuddered as she orgasmed once again, after which she went completely limp. Jaune pulled himself out of her when he felt his balls twitch, spraying his cum over her ass cheeks and up her back. Some of it hit Yang's crotch area, covering her panties and hands with his white fluid.
Raising her hands to her mouth Yang started licking them clean, only to be joined by Blake leaning around from behind her. Yang turned her head and started to kiss Blake's lips. As she did so she slid her hips along Weiss' back until she was sitting on her ass and she laid back. Blake crawled over the mass of bodies and lay on top of Yang, her legs on either side so that her ass was up in the air in front of Jaune.
Jaune looked upon the site in front of him, three pussies stacked on top of each other, each wearing panties that were soaked with juices. Removing the vibrator from Weiss' pussy he inserted it into Blake and lined himself up to fuck Yang. Gripping her around the waist he forced himself all of the way in. Yang seemed to orgasm almost immediately, it seemed like she had been eagerly awaiting this moment.
Jaune pulled almost all the way out before thrusting forward again. Jaune picked up his pace as he felt yang go through several micro-orgasms, each time clenching his cock tightly. His balls twitched as he came inside her and he fell backwards, completely spent.
Looking up he noticed that Blake was gone limp too, so he pulled the vibrator out of her and turned it off.
After a few minutes of laying stacked on top of each other Blake and Yang pulled themselves off of Weiss. Looking at her cum-soaked team-mate Yang got an idea. Pulling her phone from her discarded blazer pocket she started taking photos.
"This way she won't be able to boss you around anymore." Yang said with a wink, sending the photos to Jaune's phone.
It was only then that Jaune remembered that he had lost his phone after fucking Blake a fortnight earlier and he had no idea where it had ended up.

Elsewhere Ruby pulled Jaune's phone from her pocket. She had found it beneath Yang's bed that morning but hadn't been able to find Jaune to hand it back. She was rather shocked by what she saw when she looked at the incoming message.

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