Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Adventures Of Jaune - Part 5: Ruby

Ruby had to prod Jaune to get him to notice her presence. He had been up late studying and was using earbuds to protect himself from Nora's snoring.
"Oh, hey Ruby. What are you still doing up?" Jaune glanced at his clock, which informed him that it had just gone past 2 AM.
"I just couldn't sleep. Kinda nervous about tomorrows' test." Ruby shrugged as she leaned casually against Jaune's desk. She was wearing her rose themed pyjamas, which hung loosely from her shoulders. Jaune couldn't help but notice her lack of a bra, her nipples erect due to the cold breeze blowing in from his open window.
"So you thought you'd come and see if any of us were still awake?" Jaune asked as he tried to tear his eyes away and back to his books. The lack of sleep was starting to take its' toll and his downstairs member was starting to stand to attention. The situation was not helped when Ruby yawned loudly, stretching her arms up and out causing her top to press against her chest.
"How're things going with Weiss? She seems to be talking to you again."
"Yeah, things are going well. She, uh, still hasn't agreed to go on a date with me yet though." Jaune tried desperately to focus on something that wouldn't make him horny, but Weiss was not the topic for that. Especially since they had fucked earlier that morning whilst everyone else was doing their physical training.
"What about Yang? You two have been chatty lately."
"Really? I don't think we've been any more chatty than usual." Last time Jaune had seen Yang was when she was sucking the cum out of his penis.
"And what about Blake? Maybe you should try talking to her?" Ruby was leaning forwards now, which caused her top to slip forward and expose her small, pert breasts. Jaune tried really hard not to notice that her erect nipples were barely pinker than her fair skin.
"What? But Blake and I barely even speak to each other." Their relationship was pure sex. Whenever she wanted to fuck him she would just drag him away to some hidden location and start fondling him.
Suddenly Ruby grabbed Jaune by the shoulder and shoved him to the ground. With a smirk on her face she placed her foot on his crotch and pulled a phone out from her waistband.
"You better stop lying to me Jaune. I know what's been going on."
Ruby pressed some buttons on the phone before turning it around for Jaune to see. It was his own phone and it had a picture of Weiss's ass covered in his cum. Ruby swiped her thumb across the screen to reveal more pictures, mostly of Weiss but also including more than a few of Blake and Yang.
"Ruby wait, I can explain! I'm sorry for fucking your team behind your back. It was wrong and I shouldn't have done it."
"I'm not angry that you've been fucking my team Jaune!" Ruby leaned in close until her face was inches away from his, allowing him to notice that she was blushing heavily, "I'm angry that you've fucked my entire team except me."
"Uh, what? But, Ruby you're-"
"Don't you dare say I'm still a kid! I'm old enough now and a Huntress to boot! But everybody views me as a kid so nobody's willing to chat to me. You and Ren are the only two boys I ever speak to and Ren barely counts."
As she spoke Ruby reached down and gently placed her hand on Jaune's erect cock, unzipping him from his jeans. Whilst she was certainly enthusiastic about rubbing his cock she had no idea what she was doing, gripping him too tightly and pulling too fast.
"Ruby, please stop that, it hurts!"
"But this is what people do, isn't it? They seemed to enjoy it in all of the videos I watched."
"That's because those people have experience with this kind of thing." Jaune said as he gently pried her hand off of him. Ruby stared at his penis for a moment, seemingly lost in thought.
"Then show me," she said, her face deadly serious "Show me how to do it."
Jaune opened his mouth to argue, but something about Ruby's expression made him think better of it. Instead he removed his jeans and got into a comfortable position on his bed. Ruby knelt down next to him, her head at an even level with his cock. Jaune slowly started to stroke himself whilst she watched. Nora's snoring had finally quietened down, allowing him to focus on Ruby's cute face, her eyes fixed on his swollen organ. Her eyes followed the movements of his hand as he picked up speed.
After a few minutes Jaune placed his free hand on the top of Ruby's head and pulled her closer to himself. After a quick glance up at him she poked her tongue out, playfully licking his tip. 
Abruptly, Jaune let go of both Ruby and himself. He shifted his position until he was on his knees on the bed, her face against his cock. Gripping her by her cheeks he pulled her mouth onto him, enjoying the sensation as he slid down her throat. He stopped before going too far, he wanted her first time to be enjoyable. He pulled her hand up and manoeuvred it to be cupping his balls.
Ruby tickled his sack as she began to suck on his penis. What she lacked in skill she more than made up for in enthusiasm, her tongue rapidly moving back and forth. Jaune looked down at the determined expression on her face. As his balls began to twitch he pulled himself away and masturbated furiously until he came. As the sensation of euphoria washed over him Ruby gave a yelp of surprise. His sperm had hit her directly on her forehead and splattered everywhere. from her hair to her chin was absolutely coated in the thick, white substance and it was dripping down onto her pyjama top.
Jaune grabbed a towel as quickly as possible and she wiped her face. As she did he grabbed her pyjama bottoms and pulled them down to reveal her panties. They were plain pink ones with a small white bow on the front, though the crotch had become soaked through with her juices. He pulled her legs up into the air, which caused her to fall forward onto his bed. 
Jaune began licking her pussy through the wet panties. She tasted slightly sweet, presumably due to all of the chocolate she ate. Ruby gasped as his tongue caressed her folds through the soft cotton. Stroking her labia he worked his way along her pussy until he reached her clit, where he gently bit down. Ruby screamed with pleasure, her pussy juices drenching her underwear and running down her thighs.
Jaune clamped his hand over her mouth to muffle her heavy panting. With his spare hand he hastily dragged the quilt over them both. They lay there for a moment in silence, listening for any signs that his team-mates had woken up. After a minute Ruby had regained her composure, enough to start grinding her arse against Jaune's crotch at least.
Jaune moved his hand from her mouth to her pussy, gently sliding a finger beneath her panties and inside of her. As he stroked her insides she twisted herself around so that she could kiss him. As their tongues caressed he found her sweet spot, making her whole body shudder. He kept stroking her insides as she came, her body shuddering wildly.
After her orgasm had ended Jaune moved her soaked underwear to the side and gently began rubbing his cock against her. By this point Ruby was so wet that he almost slid inside by accident. Holding himself ready he gently entered her. While his head entered with no problem, she very quickly got tighter. 
With some effort he pushed himself deeper. Ruby's pussy was so tight that he couldn't even get more than half way before having to pull out again. 
As he began pushing back inside of her again he noticed that Ruby had become rather quiet. He froze in place, fearing that he had somehow hurt her, but then she started snoring. It seemed that she had fallen asleep at some point, presumably shortly after her orgasm. It was entirely possible that he'd just taken her virginity without her having been awake to notice.
Jaune sighed to himself as he watched her sleep. He was still horny, but couldn't really do anything about it. He also had to worry about getting her back to her own room, since he didn't want to have to explain why she was sleeping in his bed to either team.
His fears in this regard were alleviated somewhat when the quilt was yanked off of them, revealing Nora standing above them. She had a mischievous grin on her face and a glint in her eye. Her lack of clothing may have had something to do with it.

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