Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Adventures Of Jaune - Part 3: Blake

Phone in hand, Jaune gently pushed open the door to Ruby's room. Without looking up he walked to Weiss's bed and sat down.
"Haven't you ever heard of knocking?" Came a voice from the other bed. Looking up Jaune noticed Blake sitting on the top bunk wearing her black nightgown.
"Blake? What're you doing here?" Jaune asked in a panic, dropping his phone to the floor.
"This is my room. I should be asking why you're in here." Her eyes narrowed with suspicion.
"Oh, um. I got a text from Weiss asking to meet. She didn't say that you'd be here."
Blake jumped down from her bed with cat-like grace and picked up his phone, "Really? That seems unusual for her. Let me see this text."
Jaune jumped up and tried to snatch his phone away, but he fell through the shadow copy that Blake left behind. She was in fact already back on her bed, phone in hand.
Just then Jaune's phone started buzzing, signifying a new text. Before he could say anything Blake opened it and her eyes widened in shock. Turning back to Jaune she held his phone out so that he could see it. It was from Weiss and contained a picture of her crotch, her white panties pushed aside to show her glistening pussy. 
"Blake, I can explain."
"You came here to fuck Weiss!" Blake dropped the phone and pointed at Jaune accusingly.
"Yeah, pretty much." Jaune's shoulders slumped as he realised that there was nothing he could do. The cat was out of the bag, so to speak.
Jaune didn't notice the cat smirk that began to form on Blake's face as she hopped down from her bed. What he did notice was that her nightgown had slipped forward due to her movements, showing off her not unimpressive cleavage. Jaune found his mind going blank when she leaned forward, her nightgown sliding further, threatening to expose her nipple. Placing her hand on his chest she pushed him back onto the bed and clambered onto him.
Wordlessly she pressed her lips against his, tugging on his hoodie as she did so. The kiss only lasted a moment but Jaune found himself lost in her sweet taste. 
When she withdrew she pulled his hoodie over his head and threw it aside. Blake caressed his chest and leaned in once more, planting a gentle kiss on his lips. She moved down his body, trailing kisses as she did so. She reached the to of his jeans and unbuttoned them.
His jeans and boxers were removed in one swift motion, freeing his raging hard-on. Blake caressed it with her left hand and rubbed it with her cheek, getting visibly turned on by the smell of his pre-cum.
Her tongue flickered around his balls, which Weiss had ordered him to shave. Blake moved up his cock, her tongue just barely touching it and sending shivers up Jaune's spine. When she reached the head she wrapped her lips around the very tip and began sucking. Her left hand continued its' gentle caress of the shaft, her right moving to fondle his ball sack.
The sensations were too much for Jaune as he reached his limit, orgasming inside her mouth. Blake closed her eyes and swallowed every load he shot into her. After he had finished she climbed back on top of him and sat just above his crotch.
Jaune could feel her warm juices against his skin, with no fabric between them. Blake smiled and lifted the hem of her nightgown, revealing her vagina, unencumbered by by underwear. There was a garterbelt around her left thigh, with a pink battery stuffed into it. A pink wire was running from this and straight into her vagina.
Reaching down Blake tugged on the wire and a small bullet vibrator slid out of her soaking pussy. As it lay on Jaune's stomach he could feel it vibrating slightly. Blake shifted her position so that his cock was beneath her and she sat down again, her pussy against his shaft. Slowly she began grinding her hips, her wet pussy lips sliding along his length. Blake's hands cupped her breasts, her nipples so hard that Jaune could see them through the nightgown. Blake's hip movements increased in intensity as she reached her climax, her juices pouring over and around his penis before dribbling down his balls.
Blake fell forward on top of Jaune, her eyes opening at last. Jaune's hands moved of their own accord, one squeezing her ample ass, the other gently stroking her side. Raising his head he kissed her neck, taking great pleasure as she started purring in his ear. In her pleasure she grabbed him and pressed her body up against his. Her nipples rubbed against his chest whilst down below her clit rubbed the underside of his helmet. Jaune's left hand felt its' way along her ass until it found her vagina, two of his fingers entering inside.
Feeling his way around inside of her wet slit sent Blake into a frenzy. Her purring increased and she ground her crotch against his as she orgasmed once more. Jaune's fingers swam in her freely flowing love juices. After he orgasm was over Blake sat up straight and grabbed his wrist, raising it up to her mouth. Breathing in the smell of her own juices she sucked on his fingers, clearly enjoying her own taste.
With a smile Blake turned around and repositioned herself so that her dripping pussy was above Jaune's face, her own head just above his crotch. The nightgown draped across his body and Jaune got a clear view of Blake's chin as she took his penis into her mouth. He watched as she sucked her own juice of off him, slowly moving her head down until her lips reached the base. Jaune shifted his focus and looked up at her pussy, which glistened in front of him. Jaune grabbed the bullet and turned the dial on the battery pack, increasing the vibrations to the maximum.
Holding it in his right hand he used his left to open her lips. Plunging his tongue inside of her he held the bullet against her clit. Blake cried out in both joy and shock, her legs trembling from the sensation. His cock slipped out of her mouth as she fell forward, unable to resist. Jaune's began to move his tongue around inside of her, enjoying her taste as he felt his way. His cock stiffened against Blake's face, who weakly licked it.
Removing his tongue Jaune pushed the bullet inside and reinserted himself. Using his tongue he rolled the bullet around inside of her, the vibrations sending her into the depths of ecstasy. She came again but Jaune kept licking inside of her, letting her gushing juices flow down his chin and neck. Blake shuddered repeatedly before collapsing on top of him, the bullet sliding out of her pussy and onto the bed.
Jaune picked her up, her body incredibly light in his arms. Laying her face-up on Weiss's bed he wrapped her legs around his waist and gently entered her. She was tight, much tighter than either Weiss or Yang. Even with how wet she was Jaune found it difficult to get himself into her. Slowly he pushed until he was about halfway in before stopping. Blake's eyes were closed but he could make out tears in the corners.
"Blake, am I your first?"
Blake bit her bottom lip as she nodded. Jaune decided to take it easy wit her, grinding slowly instead of thrusting. He grabbed the bullet and turned it down before gently pressing it against her clit. Her back arched as she orgasmed again, flooding his crotch. Her pussy tightened as she did so, clamping onto Jaune's dick and sucking it in further. The feeling against him was incredible and Jaune came, filling her pussy with sperm. Jaune gripped her thighs as he shot into her, struggling not to fall out. 
After their orgasms Blake went limp, panting heavily. Her pussy relaxed and Jaune pressed forwards, getting himself deeper inside her. Jaune leaned forward to kiss Blake as he began thrusting. With long, slow movements he pulled himself almost entirely out of her before thrusting himself back inside fully, his balls slapping against her ass. He continued in this way while Blake roused herself. As she regained her strength she wrapped her arms around him and reciprocated the kiss their tongues wrapping around each other.
After a few moments Blake pushed him off of her and he withdrew. By the glint in her eye Jaune knew she wasn't finished with him and he pulled out. Blake moved her hand down to catch the juices that began spilling out of her, a mixture of his cum and her own. The liquid pooled in her palm but quickly overflowed. Blake raised the juices to her mouth started to lick it up, much like a cat with milk.
After licking her hand clean she smiled at Jaune and removed her nightgown, her ample breasts bouncing with their newfound freedom. Cupping them with her hands Blake pushed them together until her nipples touched. Jaune eagerly leaned forward and started to lick both nipples at once. As he licked, kissed and sometimes nipped them Blake began purring, which Jaune enjoyed the sound of. Slowly he traced his hands up her thighs and torso until they reached her breasts, which he started massaging.
As this went on Blake ground her crotch against his, spreading juice everywhere. His rock hard cock settled between her buttcheeks which gripped it tightly. Grabbing his shoulders Blake raised herself up and positioned her pussy above his cock before lowering herself onto him. This time he slid in with no problems, her weight helping. Blake started to bounce in his lap, Jaune concentrating on her breasts. The forgotten bullet rolled around on the bed before coming to rest against his balls, the gently vibrations travelling up his cock and into her pussy.
Blake's moans reached a fever pitch as she came on top of him. Jaune orgasmed at the same time. After he had finished shooting inside of her she slumped again, his cum dribbling out around his still erect penis.
Jaune lifted Blake off of him and laid her back on the bed, this time face-down. Pulling her ass up into a doggy-style position he fingered her again. Grabbing his cock he pushed himself into her and thrusted vigorously, enjoying the squelching sounds that her cream-filled pussy was making. Jaune massaged her ass as he moved, which she seemed to enjoy.
As she moaned with pleasure Blake began squirming, her hands gripping the bedsheets. She grabbed Weiss's pillow and buried her face in it, muffling the sounds she was making. Jaune kept up his rhythm, enjoying the feeling of her tight pussy sucking on him. Blake's back arched and she orgasmed once more, though this time there wasn't much left in her. After her shuddering died down she collapsed and Jaune pulled himself out of her.
Jaune laid down next to Blake and wrapped his arms around her, listening to the sounds of her panting.
"I-I can't go on." Blake gasped, turning around to face him. Reaching down she felt his cock, which was still erect. "You'll have to finish yourself off."
Jaune clambered off of the bed and gestured for Blake to do the same. Weakly she complied, kneeling in front of him, his penis just above her face. Jaune started to masturbate, stroking her face with his other hand as he did so. Reaching up with her tongue Blake licked the underside of his shaft, sending him over the edge.
"What do you think you're doing?!" A voice yelled from the doorway. Looking up Jaune saw Weiss storming into the room, Yang following behind. Jaune had reached the point of no return however and his balls twitched, firing his cum out over Blake's head and onto Weiss's skirt. Weiss halted in shock as Jaune kept coming, the thick loads reaching up to her chest.
Slowly Weiss looked down at her uniform and the cum that was seeping into the fabric.
Balling her hands into fists Weiss shook with anger, but after a moment she breathed out. Opening her eyes she shot Jaune a piercing stare, which chilled him to the bone. Without a word she pointed to the door.
Jaune grabbed his clothes and left, knowing better than to try to apologise yet. After he had left Weiss slammed the door behind him.
With a sigh Jaune opened his own door. This would not be blowing over any time soon. And worst of all, he had left his phone in their room.

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