Thursday, 5 November 2015

The Adventures Of Jaune - Part 2: Yang

Jaune threw the book away and clutched his head in despair. He was beginning to think that he would never understand what it was saying.
"I told you he would give up." Weiss snarked from across the table. They were in the library, and had been for most of the day. Everyone else had worked their way through several of the assigned textbooks, but Jaune was still stuck on the very first one.
Pyrrha waved off Weiss, "I'm sure you'll get it Jaune, you just need to take it one piece at a time."
"I've tried doing that but it just doesn't make any sense. It might as well be in an alien language." He replied, slumping his head onto the table.
"Just leave him Pyrrha. If he can't understand something as elementary as this he stands no chance of graduating. Come on, let's go get some food."
Jaune's head rose at the mention of food, but Weiss slammed it back onto the table, "Not you. Only winners get to eat tonight. If you want food you need to finish that book at least. And try getting them right this time."
Jaune groaned as all of his friends left without him but he dutifully picked up the textbook and started again.

Two hours later Yang entered the library to find Jaune sleeping at the table, the textbook acting as a pillow. Yang quietly snuck to the seat beside him and placed a couple of hot buns next to him. After a few moments Jaune stirred, grabbing one of them in each hand and stuffing them in his mouth.
"Wow, you must have been hungry."
"Glmmpf!" Came the response as Jaune almost choked in shock. "Yang! What are you doing here?"
"Sneaking you some food silly. Weiss was watching your team like a hawk, my sister too. I figured she wouldn't notice if I left though and I thought you deserved some food." yang shrugged her shoulders, only to get glomped by Jaune.
"Thank you. I was so hungry I couldn't focus." Tears were swelling up in his eyes.
"Don't mention it. If I couldn't sneak you some food what kind of a friend would I be? Besides, I figured you could use some help studying."
"You'd do that for me?"
"Of course. Now come on, let's get studying."

After he had finally finished answering the textbook's questions Jaune leaned back in his chair.
"I can't believe we finally finished. Thanks again for staying up to help me Yang."
"Stop thanking me for it, it's not like we stayed up all night or anything. It's only-" Yang paused to check her watch, "3AM? Yikes, I guess we did stay up all night."
"Well, I certainly appreciate it Yang. If there's ever anything I can do, just ask. I promise I'll pay you back someday." Jaune hugged Yang again.
As Yang hugged him back, she noticed that he was fully awake, especially in the downstairs area.
"Hmmmm, I can think of a way for you to repay me right here and now." Yang whispered as she moved her hand down to his crotch. Jaune's stiffy was straining against his jeans. Looking down, his face turned bright red. Before he could stammer out a response she kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth. Jaune got lost in the moment as he reciprocated, their tongues dancing a miniature fandango with each other. Yang moved her other hand to Jaune's crotch and unbuttoned him.
Pulling her mouth away from his she smiled impishly.
"Yang, why-?"
"Shhh." She put her finger to his mouth, "Don't question it, just go with it."
Tugging his jeans off her eyes opened wide at the size of his cock. She gently stroked her fingertips along the underside of the shaft as she kissed the tip. Leaning back, she unbuttoned her top and threw it aside before pulling her tank top over her head. Her large breasts bounced free, mesmerizing Jaune with their motions. yang grabbed the sides of her boobs and gently wrapped them around Jaune's cock. With a soft, gentle motion she began rubbing them up and down on him. As she did so she leaned her head forwards and licked the tip.
Jaune decided to stop questioning this development and just enjoy himself. For a few moments he closed his eyes and focused on the sensation of her her rubbing him. With her tongue flicking over the head of his penis he felt like he was in paradise. Opening his eyes he was greeted by the sight of Yang peering up at him, her mouth wrapped around his cock. He climaxed, covering her face and neck with his cum. She recoiled in shock, but she swallowed the cum that had landed in her mouth. Standing up she unbuttoned her shorts and dropped them to the ground before turning around and offering her ass to him. Her panties were a light shade of pink, which Jaune didn't expect from her.
He crouched forward and pressed his tongue against her panties where her vagina lips were. He rolled his tongue up and down her vagina, tasting her juices through the fabric of her panties. Yang's moans got louder, threatening to fill the library. Jaune stopped licking and pulled her panties aside, revealing her pussy. Stroking her clit with his left hand he plunged two fingers from his right hand inside her. Feeling around he listened to the sounds of her moaning to determine where to stroke.
Finding the magic spot he began rubbing it furiously, moving his left hand in concert. The sensations from her vagina and clit overcame her and Yang orgasmed loudly, filling the library with her voice and squirting her love juices over Jaune's face.
Yang sat on the library table and felt her panties, soaked with her own juices.
"Well, I think I've ruined these. Should I take them off?"
"I think I like them better like this." Jaune said as he gently pushed her down onto the table. Puling her legs up and onto his shoulders he positioned his cock and slid it easily inside her. Yang quietly gasped as he began thrusting, gently at first but he slowly increased his intensity. Closing her eyes and biting her bottom lip Yang moved her hands to her nipples and she started to pinch them. Jaune loved the sight of them, they were very pale and had large, slightly bumped areola. Th nipples themselves were large and pointing straight out.
Repositioning Yang's legs around his waist he leaned forward and started to lick them, gently dragging his tongue around the areola before nipping at the nipple itself.
Yang arched her back as she orgasmed once more, tightening her grip around his waist. As her juices flowed around his cock Jaune found himself orgasming again, filling her pussy with his cum.
Yang was panting heavily as he pulled himself out of her. He watched as his sperm dripped out of her vagina and onto the table.
"Wow," Yang panted. "You're amazing at this."
"I'm not done yet." Jaune grabbed Yang by the waist and flipped her over. Gripping her by the ass he plunged his penis back inside of her pussy. It slipped in with almost no resistance, his own sperm and her juices spilling out as he did so. he could feel it running down his balls.
With renewed energy he thrusted in and out, her pussy making sweet squelching sounds as he did so. Yang moaned in appreciation again and she came quickly. Jaune kept on thrusting even as she orgasmed several more times. She stopped moaning after the fourth orgasm and just slumped limp on the table, drooling slightly. Jaune pulled out as he came again, spraying his cum over her ass and back, even getting it in her hair.
He rolled her over onto her back once more and slumped back into his chair.
After a few minutes of rest Yang managed to clamber into a sitting position on the edge of the table. Jaune took hold of his still erect penis and started masturbating at the sight of Yang drenched in his cum, her panties still pulled to the side to reveal her sperm-filled cunt.
Yang panted as he did so, her eyes fixated on his crotch. He came for the fourth and final time, covering her legs and feet with his sperm. She was covered head-to-toe now and she was too exhausted to move.

Jaune retrieved his phone from his jeans and Yang smiled as he took some photos. Once he was done she slid off the table and grabbed her backpack. Pulling out a large towel she began cleaning herself off. Turning to Jaune she winked and said "Remind me to thank Weiss for the tip, she said you'd be a lot of fun."

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