Thursday, 5 November 2015

The Adventures Of Jaune - Part 1: Weiss

As he entered Ruby's room Jaune couldn't help but smirk at the ridiculous improvised bunk beds. Ruby's was hanging from the ceiling by rope. He had no idea how Weiss managed to get to sleep with that literally hanging above her head. There was no time to ponder though, Ruby was waiting on him.
Unfortunately he couldn't remember where she said her phone was. Jaune checked her bed but it was absent. Jaune rummaged through her desk but stopped when he noticed the sound of a shower being turned on. He had foolishly neglected to check if anyone was there.
Turning around he noticed that the bathroom door had been left slightly ajar. Without thinking he tip-toed over to it, grateful for the thick carpet muffling his steps. Jaune crouched on one knee and sneaked a quick peep inside.
Just inside the bathroom, clear as day he saw her. Weiss was standing in the middle of the bathroom. She had already stripped to her underwear, the soft white cotton of her bra and panties looking perfect next to her untanned skin. Jaune felt himself getting hard but resisted the urge, fearing her anger should he be discovered. But he just couldn't turn away as she unfastened her bra and placed it in the laundry. As she bent down he caught a brief glimpse of her nipple and struggled not to gasp. His hard-on was straining against his jeans and he unthinkingly moved his hand down to unbutton it.
His gaze fixated on her perfect ass as she slipped her panties down her slim legs. When she slipped them over her feet Jaune caught sight of her tiny slit. Pulling his rock-hard cock from his boxers he gently began stroking it.
His strokes got faster as he watched her let her hair down. He had always admired her hair and watching her pure white locks stroking her asscheeks was the most erotic thing he'd ever seen.
He ducked his head as she turned towards the shower. Jaune knew that he should leave, just zip himself up and pretend he never saw anything. He mustered all of his willpower and managed to stop stroking, but when Weiss started singing he lost all control. The sound of her wonderful voice filled the room. Leaning forward he peered through the gap once more. Weiss was now in the shower, rubbing soap over herself. As the lather began to cover her body her singing turned into moaning. She was turning herself on. As her fingers brushed her nipples she bit her bottom lip.
Jaune continued stroke himself slowly as he watched her playing with her breasts. Both of her dainty hands were rubbing her nipples as she writhed in pleasure. She begun pinching her left nipple, letting out little gasps each time. Her right hand began sliding down her stomach and she lent back against the wall when it reached her crotch. Teasing herself with her fingernails she slowly slid her middle finger inside and stroked. Her movements were slow at first but it wasn't long before they increased in intensity. Jaune sped up his own strokes to match, fondly imagining  that he was inside of her.
As her strokes intensified her groans of pleasure increased, which just turned Jaune on even more. With a scream she arched her back and shuddered repeatedly. Her juices ran down the inside of her legs, washing away the soap's lather. Jaune orgasmed at the sight, spraying his thick cum over the door frame. He felt drained and was barely able to stand.
As he struggled to breath he looked down and took in what he'd done. The door frame was a mess, his sperm dripping down to the carpet. Jaune pulled his jeans up in preparation to run and pray that Weiss would be too distracted to notice the mess.
But just as he reached the door he remember what he was there for. Ruby's phone! If he returned without it she'd wonder what he had been doing. And if Weiss did notice his cum on the door it wouldn't be long before they worked it out. Darting back to Ruby's dresser Jaune desperately hunted for anything to clean the mess with. He opened the first drawer and grabbed something without looking but it was already too late, the sounds of falling water had stopped. Quickly scanning the room for a hiding place he barely make it under Yang's bed before the bathroom door opened.
Despite the situation Jaune couldn't help but admire how delicate Weiss's feet looked as she walked to her dresser. After some rummaging Weiss threw a pair of white stockings onto her bed. As she sat down Jaune found his gaze once again climbing up her legs. She must have dried herself off in the bathroom because she was completely nude. As she lifted one leg onto the bed her pussy lips parted, revealing her inner pinkness. Jaune found himself getting hard once more. He could make out her still wet clit as she lifted her leg up into the air and pulled on her stocking. Watching as Weiss began to put on the other stocking Jaune felt his cock slip out of his still unbuttoned jeans. Once again he unthinkingly reached down and began stroking, only now noticing the feel of fabric in his hand.
With a lot of effort he took his eyes off of Weiss and glanced at his hand, almost gasping when he realised what he had been holding.
It was a pair of Weiss's white cotton panties. What was worse was that he had somehow managed to get them tangled around his cock. As he frantically tried to extricate them he heard Weiss's voice.
"Now where could they have gone?"
She was looking for her panties!
Jaune froze in fear as Weiss dropped to her knees and checked under her own bed. Her pert little ass was directly in front of him, her pink lips visible between her thighs. The sight alone was enough for him to cum again and he sprayed thick wads of cum in front of him, some of which landed on Weiss's foot. Weiss turned around and saw Jaune in all his glory.
"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" She screamed as she desperately tried to cover herself up.
"Weiss, I can explain." Jaune raised his hands between them but Weiss's panties came with them. Both stared in quiet shock at the cum-covered item in his hand.
"You pervert!" Weiss screamed as she punched him in the face. Jaune tried to grab her by the wrists to stop her but the panties slipped from his hand and landed on her face with a wet smack. Her face turned bright red as they slid down her cheek, leaving a trail of cum as they did so. With a roar she grabbed Jaune by his collar and dragged him out from under the bed.
Weiss threw him to the ground and stood over him. Despite her anger Jaune couldn't help but find her beautiful. The sight of her towering over him wearing nothing but white stockings, her face and right leg dripping with his cum got him turned on once again. The situation wasn't helped when Weiss roughly planted her right foot on his cock.
"Are you actually getting turned on by this? You disgust me you pig." Weiss insulted him as she began moving her foot up and down along his shaft. Despite her anger she was clearly turned on by the situation, her pussy dripped with juices. As she rubbed his cock a smirk danced across her porcelain features, "Oh don't worry Jaune, I'm not going to tell anybody about this. In fact I think I might be able to overlook this little incident, but my silence won't come cheap."
Jaune could barely concentrate on what she was saying, his attention was fully occupied by the sensation of her foot rubbing him faster and faster. "A-anything. I'll do anything you want. P-please just don't stop." Jaune stuttered.
Weiss's grin grew and she sped up once more. Jaune's gaze moved up to her face and Weiss must have noticed because she chose then to lick some cum from her lips. With a shudder Jaune came again, spurting the sticky fluid over his chest and stomach.
"You came just from that? How pathetic Jaune. And here I thought you might have more stamina than that. If that's all you're worth then I guess there's no reason for me to keep my silence." Weiss removed her foot and leaned down to lick Jaune's cum from his stomach. Her tongue moved down to his crotch. Grabbing his limp cock she swirled her tongue around his balls and up his shaft.
The feeling was sensational and Jaune found himself getting erect once more. Weiss rubbed her face up and down the length, getting herself covered with yet more sperm. As she fondled his balls with her left hand she started to tease his cock with the tip of her tongue. Applying just a little bit of force she just barely pressed it into his dick hole.
Leaving his penis she dragged herself along Jaune's torso until her face was level with his. Placing her hands on either side of his head she kissed him. Jaune felt her tongue inside his mouth and he didn't care about the fact that the sperm was dripping from her face onto his. His erect cock was pressing against the inside of her thigh. Pulling back Weiss reached down and gripped him once more. She squatted above him, holding his penis mere millimetres from her soaking wet pussy.
"Well Jaune, do you agree to be my sex slave from here on? Neptune's nice and all but he's got nothing on this beauty." Weiss rubbed Jaune's cock against her pussy, soaking it with her juices.
"Yes. I'm yours just please, don't stop."
Weiss smirked as she lowered her body onto Jaune's, his dick sliding inside with ease. Weiss leaned back and started moving up and down, giving Jaune a great view of the proceedings. She moved her hips with expert precision, going from the base to the very tip with quick, rhythmic movements. Her pace remained steady as she reached down and began rubbing her clit. She must have been anticipating this more than Jaune because it wasn't long before she arched her back and shuddered. She moaned quietly and tilted her head back as she orgasmed, her juices squirting out and covering Jaune's cock. She didn't pause for long though as she once again slid her pussy up and down Jaune's shaft.
The combination of seeing Weiss orgasm and the feeling of her pussy wrapped around him brought Jaune to climax once again. Weiss must have noticed his grimace though because just before he shot his load inside her she pulled herself off of him and clutched his penis, directing it straight upward as he came. The shots of cum arced through the air and landed on Weiss's chest, covering her tiny breasts.
Weiss seemed disappointed as she watched Jaune's penis shrink.
"Well, you got me to cum once at least. I guess I can't complain too much. I'm actually sad it's over." She said, scooping some sperm from her tits and pouring it down her throat.
Jaune just lay on the floor, panting heavily. Weiss stood and strolled back towards the bathroom.
"You better go back to your room and get yourself cleaned up. I'll text you when I next want you." Weiss called back before entering, this time locking the door behind her.
Jaune struggled to his feet and somehow managed to make it back to his own room, which was luckily just across the hall. As he threw his cum-stained jeans into the laundry basket his phone fell out of the pocket. Jaune picked it up and noticed a text from Ruby.

Emerald found my phone. Turns out I dropped it. Sorry x

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